How does a wise parent respond when his/her youngster says, “My teacher is mean!”?

Because we care deeply for our kids, there are two traps that are far too easy to slip into:

Trap #1:
Mary’s well-meaning mom says, “Don’t worry, honey, I’ll give her a call and get this straightened out.”
Is Mary learning how to solve her own problems?  No!

Trap #2:
Freddy’s well-meaning dad says, “Well, if you would just work a little harder on your homework, I’m sure that she would get off of your case.”
Uh, oh! What are the chances that Freddy’s dad will end up in a run-down nursing home some day?

The Love and Logic way:
Sam’s parents know that empathy is the most important skill. They also know that kids need to learn how to succeed with nice teachers…and demanding ones, too.

These parents respond, “That’s got to be rough. Would you like to hear how some kids get along with tough teachers?”

Kids learn to solve problems and be responsible when we resist the urge to rescue or lecture.