One couple had a hard time with their 3-year old daughter in the beginning of the 5-week class.  It seemed that nothing worked with their strong-willed little girl.  Read below to see how things worked out…..

Hi Kerry,

Thank you again for all your help and advice about parenting. Below is a testimonial from our parenting experience.

After attending 2 classes of Love & Logic we had enough information to be dangerous. We had been practicing some of the principles for a while on our 3 year old, but now we had a better understanding of what we should be doing. Our next week was HELL!! Looking back, our daughter was testing us, pushing us to follow through with consequences, and was surprised when we did. The big plus for us, was since we were using Love&Logic we didn’t get upset or drawn into battles, we just sang the little songs or went ‘brain dead’ as we carried her to yet another time out.

A week later it was heaven, now she understands the consequences are coming and is actually starting to respond the first time. With so many choices she seems to feel like she has some control over events and doesn’t mind conceding things that a while ago would have been a huge battle. ‘Toy jail’ is finally hitting home, and we now have a 3 year old who, with a little supervision, cleans up after herself before bedtime.


Dave and Heather