A dad shared this one with me: Each week his mother sends a letter and a dollar bill to his son.

His son waits for those letters from Grandma with great excitement, and a little greed. The little guy loved saving those dollars. He counted and recounted them.

Money wasn’t the only thing he saved. He also stored up lots of energy for when Mom and Dad went out. In fact, so much energy that he wore out every babysitter in town.

Mom finally convinced a sitter to work with her to help Junior realize the error of his ways. The deal: If he was good, Mom and Dad would pay for the sitter. If he wasn’t, he paid. This got his attention.

I bet you can guess how their next night out went: A happy sitter, happy parents, and a little guy still clinging tight to those bucks.

I want to thank you…every time I think I’ve run out of ideas for articles, one of you will share a great success story with me. That’s where these articles come from, true stories.

Jim Fay
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