This Little Song Stops My Toddler in Her Tracks!

Dear Kerry, We used to have 5 tantrums a day with my 2 1/2 year old little girl.  After switching from time-outs to  the Love and Logic’s “Uh Oh Song” we maybe have one a day. The best part is that now that I can redirect her behavior with just the words “Uh Oh.”  It was […]

When Punishment Leads To: “I Don’t Care”

Lisa was just about at the end of her patience with little Freddie. He was at that age where he was testing her constantly, and now he was at it again. He had been told many times not to tease the cat. In fact, she had threatened all sorts of dire consequences if he did. […]

“I Want More Milk!”

I poured my daughter a bowl of cereal with PLENTY of milk. When she asked for more milk, I said, “No, you have more than enough.” Of course she started whining.  I went brain dead! She started screaming “I want more milk!!!” and I said in the sweetest, singsongy voice I could muster, “I know.”  […]

Basic Love and Logic for Very Young Children

How early in a child’s life can we start using Love and Logic? As soon as they can spit their pureed food, crawl away from you when you are changing their diaper, etc. Fortunately, the basic process is very simple: Step One: Hope For Misbehavior Mistakes made early in life have far more affordable consequences […]