Dealing with Potty Mouth

My darling little Landon, the youngest of my 3 boys, somehow learned some foul vocabulary at a much younger age than his brothers ever did… When he was 3 years old, he’d say some obscenity and boy, did he ever get a reaction from his brothers’ friends!  They were shocked and would tattle, and little […]

Discipline: Is it Okay to Delay The Consequences?

Many of us have the idea that we need to deliver immediate consequences when our children misbehave. That misconception can lead to many problems for the parent and the child. As a parent, when we react with anger to our child’s misbehavior and shoot off the first thing that comes into our head, e.g., “That’s […]

How Nana Nixed the Naughty Word

Little kids can be clever. It’s fun to make them put their brains to work. One mom told me her son had gotten into the habit of using an unacceptable phrase. All her lecturing and punishing didn`t work. Then he made the mistake of using it while Nana was babysitting. Now Nana, being your typical […]