Jude Keeps the Church Offering

Jude (6) confessed to keeping part of his offering out of the offering basket at church.  Dad was initially mad. But then he decided to make this a learning opportunity and help his son develop conscience rather than create a pattern where he simply feared his father’s anger. Ask him how he felt when he did […]

How Do I Get My Kid To Do The Dishes?

First, it is important that children contribute to the household. Not only does it send an important message to our children – “You are a valuable member of this family and we count on you to make our family function” – but it gives them a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.  Studies also show that […]

Blessings Box

Ten years ago, when my children were young, we began a ritual that the whole family still enjoys today. It all started because I wanted to teach Joshua, then age five, and Joel, then age two, about thankfulness in a way that was more fun and tangible than simply lecturing, “Be thankful.”The idea took shape […]

“Loan Me the Money!”

Kendra and Mom were walking through the mall when Kendra spied the most “spectacular” pair of dark glasses. “Oh, Mom, they are perfect. They’re just what I need to complete my collection of eyeware. I’ve got to have them, but I don’t have the money. Will you loan me some? Pleeese! I’ll pay you back.” […]

Kids, Money, Loans

April has been declared National Financial Literacy Month. What a great time to teach your kids about loans! Many parents wonder if it is a good idea to loan money to their children. The authors of Love and Logic® say yes. If your kids will need to know about loans as adults, they need some […]

The Power of the Almighty Dollar

A dad shared this one with me: Each week his mother sends a letter and a dollar bill to his son. His son waits for those letters from Grandma with great excitement, and a little greed. The little guy loved saving those dollars. He counted and recounted them. Money wasn’t the only thing he saved. […]