“I’m Bored”

How often do you hear this? And how often are your kids happy with the suggestions you make? Typical parents say, “I hear it often, and the kids are never excited with my suggestions.” I know a man who says that he once made the mistake of telling his parents that he was bored. For […]

When Punishment Leads To: “I Don’t Care”

Lisa was just about at the end of her patience with little Freddie. He was at that age where he was testing her constantly, and now he was at it again. He had been told many times not to tease the cat. In fact, she had threatened all sorts of dire consequences if he did. […]

Bed Time Trouble

When kids go full blast until bedtime they have trouble. Parents who complain that their children have a sleep problem often discover the problem is that they are expecting their kids to make an abrupt switch from a high activity level to sleep. It is better for a child to slow down and then switch […]

The Meanest Mother in the World

My son, Robert, and his girlfriend, Jenna, were here last night. Jenna asked me what I was reading, so I did a quick explanation of the updated version of Parenting with Love and Logic. After hearing this explanation, my son said, “So that’s who is to blame!” I laughed and asked innocently what he meant. […]

“Loan Me the Money!”

Kendra and Mom were walking through the mall when Kendra spied the most “spectacular” pair of dark glasses. “Oh, Mom, they are perfect. They’re just what I need to complete my collection of eyeware. I’ve got to have them, but I don’t have the money. Will you loan me some? Pleeese! I’ll pay you back.” […]

Thinking for Himself

After reading Parenting with Love and Logic™, Tim’s mom instituted a new bedtime policy. She told Tim that picking a sleep time was his decision. He was expected to be in his room at 8:00 each evening, but he could decide when to go to sleep. In addition to this, everyone in the family was […]

Kids, Money, Loans

April has been declared National Financial Literacy Month. What a great time to teach your kids about loans! Many parents wonder if it is a good idea to loan money to their children. The authors of Love and Logic® say yes. If your kids will need to know about loans as adults, they need some […]

Why Won’t You Let Me?

It might be comforting to know that you don’t have to be able to provide a good reason for saying no to your kids. Our kids are not our supervisors. If something doesn’t feel right to you, that’s a good enough reason to say no. The best parents have the courage to say no when […]

Limit Screen Time and Encourage the Act of “Doing” with Your Child

What does your child ask when bored? Is it, “I’m bored. What can I do?” or is it, “I’m bored. What can I watch?” If it is the latter, you are raising a future watcher, not a future doer. And if this is the case, my heart goes out to your child. Becoming a watcher […]

The Teenage Trust Card

Teenagers often pull out the trust card defense. It sounds like, “Don’t you trust me?” or “You don’t trust me.” Believe me. When they say this they have something to hide. So the best parental response is, “You’re right. That’s my job. You can trust that I will do everything I can to help you […]