Three Different Parenting Styles

Drill Sergeant | Helicopter | Consultant Were you raised by a “Drill Sergeant” always telling you to “Jump,” and you asking, “How high?” or were you raised by a “Helicopter” always hovering, ready to swoop in and rescue?  Did you ever think about what kind of a message these parenting styles send to your kids? […]

How Do I Get My Kid To Do The Dishes?

First, it is important that children contribute to the household. Not only does it send an important message to our children – “You are a valuable member of this family and we count on you to make our family function” – but it gives them a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.  Studies also show that […]

What Comes Around Goes Around

Do you ever worry that your kids might grow up and spend most of their time making excuses about why they are too busy to visit or to help you when you’re the most in need? Fortunately, there’s a powerful strategy that kills two birds with one stone. It creates kids who’re more likely to […]

School Success

I’ve lost count of the number of phone calls I have received from frustrated educators telling about a student who appears to have no motivation for schoolwork. When I ask about the child’s home life I often hear that the family is in turmoil, or that the child has few, if any limits at home. […]