When is it Okay to Rescue?

Those who know Love and Logic™ know the damage done by C.H.P.S.“Chronic Helicopter Parent Syndrome.” Parents who chronically rescue their kids from the consequences of their poor decisions create kids who are chronically irresponsible and chronically unhappy. “You are so weak that you can’t survive without me” is the unintentional yet very real message sent […]

Teaching Our Kids to Be Happy

All of us want our kids to grow up to be happy adults. So, what’s the secret to raising kids who see the glass as half full rather than half empty? Teaching our children that happiness comes from within is probably the most important piece of the puzzle. In other words, happiness has more to […]

When Kids Complain About Their Teachers

How does a wise parent respond when his/her youngster says, “My teacher is mean!”? Because we care deeply for our kids, there are two traps that are far too easy to slip into: Trap #1: Mary’s well-meaning mom says, “Don’t worry, honey, I’ll give her a call and get this straightened out.”Is Mary learning how […]

Avoid “If-Thens” With Strong-Willed Kids

It seems that just about every family has at least one child who spends most of his time trying to figure out what others want.. so that he can do exactly the opposite. Frustrated by their testy behavior, it’s pretty darn easy to fall into less than effective parenting practices. I hear some of these […]

Can ADHD Kids Learn, Remember, and Behave?

Q: Can kids with ADHD really learn, remember, and behave?A: ABSOLUTELY! Q: What’s the secret?A: Use the very same techniques proven effective with kids who don’t have ADHD. Q: Are you kidding?A: No! Here’s why. Children with ADHD have the very same behaviors as children who don’t have ADHD. They just display them far more […]

What Comes Around Goes Around

Do you ever worry that your kids might grow up and spend most of their time making excuses about why they are too busy to visit or to help you when you’re the most in need? Fortunately, there’s a powerful strategy that kills two birds with one stone. It creates kids who’re more likely to […]

Be Careful About Taking Away What Your Kids Need the Most

When we’ve got a seriously underachieving youngster, it’s awfully tempting to resort to taking away all sorts of things in a desperate attempt to motivate them to do their schoolwork. Sadly, this often backfires, leading the child to become even more resistant about learning. Most of us wouldn’t feel that motivated if our spouse said, […]

All the Other Kids Get to Do It!

If your kids are old enough to talk, you’ve probably heard things like:“Jackie’s parents let her watch anything on TV she wants to.”“Mandy gets to have her computer in her room. Like…this is the 21st century.” Some of us have even heard horrifying things like:“Robert’s parents buy him beer for his parties. What’s the big […]

Some Thoughts on Video, Games, Computer Games, and TV

Over the past two decades, video and computer games have become dramatically more fast-paced, realistic, and stimulating. Not long after their introduction, I began to suspect that these games had the same addictive potential as drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Today, family therapists and researchers have confirmed my fears. Listed below are some tips for helping […]

Don’t Sit on the Potty

Okay, I guess the title of this week’s tip is a bit perplexing. So is the whole subject of potty training little tykes who’ve developed “throne aversion syndrome.” Once this sad condition takes hold, the resulting power-struggles can be enough to bring even the strongest adult to their knees. If you’re beginning to fight with […]