I’m Running Away!

The other night my 7 year old son kept trying to argue about something.  I used my new Love and Logic skill of not engaging and calmly replied “I know.” He ended with “What is wrong with you!!” I replied again, “I know.” He yelled “Ugh!” and ran off. The next morning he comes down […]

Success Story: I Want It!

After leaving our first Love and Logic class we picked up our kids from childcare.  We got some animal crackers from the vending machine and were on our way to the car.  Our 5 year old ran ahead of us and we asked her to come back several times.  She ignored us. When I was buckling […]

Setting Limits for Bathtime

After our son threw water out of the bathtub I said, “What a bummer.  It’s going to take a while to clean up the water so we won’t have time for books tonight.” He was devastated, but helped me clean up.  He kept crying to read books and I used my brain dead statement and […]

Success Story: “I’m Not Going to Kiss You Anymore”

We always discuss in class about kids who will escalate to test the new skills mom and dad are using.  It’s the old “short term pain for long term gain” adage. This mom thought it would be something only older kids would do, but preschoolers know how to escalate with hurtful words too. Luckily, this […]

Success Story! Love and Logic Works with 3 Year Olds

This mom shares her success story using the  brain dead statement “I know” over and over again….. My 3 year old didn’t want any of the two choices I gave him for breakfast, so I picked one for him.  He was not happy and kept throwing a fit.   I empathetically used “I know” about six or […]

Does That Mean “NO”?

Here is a story of a mom in my class who learned a new skill to not engage in a battle with kids when they’re protesting a limit. That skill is called going “brain dead.” This works with kids of all ages. See what happens when she uses it to neutralize the “buy it for […]

How Do I Get My Kids to Stop Whining and Arguing?

Do our kids need limits? Yes!  Do they thank us when we set them? No! What do they do instead? They whine and argue. They negotiate and beg.  They apologize and promise they won’t do it again.Parents who give in, engage, or try to reason with the child will lose the battle. Let’s instead, take […]

All the Other Kids Get to Do It!

If your kids are old enough to talk, you’ve probably heard things like:“Jackie’s parents let her watch anything on TV she wants to.”“Mandy gets to have her computer in her room. Like…this is the 21st century.” Some of us have even heard horrifying things like:“Robert’s parents buy him beer for his parties. What’s the big […]

Mom said, “Come and eat lunch or we’ll have to go home.”

One mom was at the park with her 2.5 year-old son named Foster.  He was heading down to the lake to play and Mom said, “Come and eat lunch or we’ll have to go home.” He ignored Mom and walked towards the water. So Mom said, “So sad, looks like we have to go home […]

“I’ll Stay Close by Next Time”

It’s scary when toddlers run away. Dad decided to take baby, new puppy and a 4 year old boy for a walk. The boy ran away from the Dad.  Once the boy returned, dad said with empathy, “This is so sad, we have to go home now since I can’t be sure you’ll stay with […]