I’ve lost count of the number of phone calls I have received from frustrated educators telling about a student who appears to have no motivation for schoolwork.

When I ask about the child’s home life I often hear that the family is in turmoil, or that the child has few, if any limits at home. Seldom do I hear that the child does his share of the household chores.

It is typical for the educators to say, “I know that he has a bad situation at home, but we’re expected to get him to be successful at school.” This is like a building contractor saying, “I know that the foundation is crumbling, but I’ll guarantee to build a sturdy building anyway because that’s what’s expected of me.”

The foundation for success in school is laid down at home with a secure home life, which includes loving limits, affection, quality time with parents, and expectations that everyone in the family does their fair share of the household chores.

Jim Fay
©2009 Jim Fay, Charles Fay, Ph.d.& Love and Logic® Institute