1.  Speak Your Family’s Love Language

Read The Five Love Languages of Children, a quick, interesting book to improve how you express love to your family. Want to know the secret to making sure your child feels loved? Kids desperately need to know how much you love them. But if you don’t know their special “love languages” you might as well be speaking gibberish. Every child (like every adult) expresses and receives love best through one of five communication styles. Find out which one of these your child speaks: QUALITY TIME, WORDS OF AFFIRMATION, GIFTS, ACTS OF SERVICE, PHYSICAL TOUCH. Click here to view book info.

2.  Keep the Fire Burning by Getting Down and Dirty

Men who want a more active sex life need to get down and dirty, according to new research – by doing more housework. “Therapists say there’s a direct correlation between men doing more housework and the frequency of sex, and wives reported greater feelings of sexual interest and affection for husbands who participated in housework.”  To read more about this, click here.

3. Spend “Alone Time”

Spend some time every day with each child with the motto: “No questions, no commands.” This is not the time to ask if they’ve done their chores or to tell them how they can improve themselves. Just be with your child.

4. The Little Things are Huge

Smile at your wife.  Smile at the kids.   Implement the “Good neighbor policy” where you don’t speak to anyone in your family in a manner that you wouldn’t use with a good neighbor.  Be conscious of having eye contact with your family.

5. Two Ears, One Mouth

Just listen to your wife and kids.  Don’t try to fix “the problem,” especially if it’s emotionally based.  “There’s no place in heaven for people who give unasked for advice.” (Jim Fay, co-founder of The Love and Logic Institute)

6. Appreciate, Appreciate, Appreciate

Look for the good.  Notice, thank, and acknowledge at least three things each day that your family members do. You don’t need to judge or label, just notice….  “I see you really worked hard on that.”