Kendra and Mom were walking through the mall when Kendra spied the most “spectacular” pair of dark glasses.

“Oh, Mom, they are perfect. They’re just what I need to complete my collection of eyeware. I’ve got to have them, but I don’t have the money. Will you loan me some? Pleeese! I’ll pay you back.”

Mom knew that a loan to Kendra was never a loan. In the past, asking for re-payment drew fits and sulking. With this in mind, she knew that he had only three choices:

•  Loan her the money and fight with her for re–payment.
•  Give her the money and avoid all the hassle.
•  Make her sign a promissory note and hope for better results this time.

But wait! Why are these his only choices? Contrary to what the media and advertising says about having it now and paying later, there is another choice. Kendra might learn more about money management and decision–making if she earns the money and buys later.

A wise parent will say, “They are beautiful. I can’t wait to see you wearing them. You can come back for them when you have the money.”

“But, Mom. I don’t know why you’re so uptight about money. It’s no big deal to loan it to me!”

“You’re right, Kendra. A big deal is learning how to earn and manage your own money.”