Q: Can kids with ADHD really learn, remember, and behave?

Q: What’s the secret?
A: Use the very same techniques proven effective with kids who don’t have ADHD.

Q: Are you kidding?
A: No! Here’s why. Children with ADHD have the very same behaviors as children who don’t have ADHD. They just display them far more frequently and intensely. For example, all kids fail to pay attention from time to time, forget what we ask them to do, argue, occasionally misbehave in impulsive ways, and experience bouts of excessive activity, etc.

Q: So, will Love and Logic work with my child with ADHD?
A: Yes! In our CD Calming the Chaos we teach how to match the high frequency and intensity of their challenging behavior with a high frequency and intensity of Love and Logic techniques.

Q: So there’s hope?
A: Yes! As long as you don’t get tricked into believing that they’re incapable of learning and behaving.
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