When kids go full blast until bedtime they have trouble.

Parents who complain that their children have a sleep problem often discover the problem is that they are expecting their kids to make an abrupt switch from a high activity level to sleep. It is better for a child to slow down and then switch from “bedroom time” to sleep time.

Reduce the level of stimulation as bedroom time approaches. Reduce the noise level in the home. Replace excitement with soothing music and remember that it is difficult for anyone to make an abrupt change from a high activity level to settling down and going to sleep.

Wise parents don’t negotiate with kids about bedroom time. They know it is morally, legally, and psychologically sound to expect children to go to their rooms at a certain time every night. They know this does not damage a child’s psyche or self-concept. It is healthy for families to have a scheduled “rest time” for parents and “bedroom time” for children.