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It’s that time of year again.  The time of year where many decide they will make resolutions to be better in the new year.  Many will make lofty or unrealistic resolutions and within a few days or weeks will not achieve them.  Not because you didn’t want to accomplish or achieve that resolution, but because many times we don’t have the support or proper tools needed for the achievement of said resolution.  

I want to help you keep your new year’s resolutions.  I want to help you create realistic resolutions that you can achieve.  Being supported and accountable will help you further reach your goal of keeping your resolution and therapy is one of the best tools you can have in your toolbox for achievement.  

Think about it.  Many people’s New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight.  I hate this resolution. Why, you ask? I hate it because the anxiety, vulnerability and discomfort you feel in your body that caused you to create this resolution has absolutely nothing to do with your weight, and it has nothing to do with the holidays.  It has everything to do with your own self-worth. It has to do with your ability to tolerate your anxiety and uncomfortableness in your body and your inability to share your vulnerability. Hitting the gym hard for a few days in January is not going to cure your lack of self-worth.  It may provide you with temporary relief and feelings of self-satisfaction for a few days, but honestly, the lasting results you are striving for when you made this ridiculous resolution lie within how you feel about yourself on a daily basis. That is where therapy comes in.

Therapy is the best resolution and gift you can give yourself.  Think about it. If you state, “I’m going to resolve to attend therapy consistently this year,”  you are going to thrive in your ability to achieve your goals and all resolutions. You are going to be grounded in getting to know yourself and why you are motivated for certain changes.  You will be getting to know yourself in an emotionally intelligent way that guides why you are anxious, or feel uncomfortable in your body. You get to know and own your story. Your resolution of “I want to lose weight” may actually be, “I want to feel more confident and comfortable in my body.”  Your resolution of “I want to join a gym” may actually be your need for connection with others. Without true understanding of your thoughts and actions, the resolutions that you make in an uncomfortable place over the holidays are never going to come to fruition. Lasting resolutions are made by doing the work of getting to know yourself.

What better way of doing that than by attending therapy? 














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