The very fact that you are reading this blog post tells me you are conscious about your parenting. I believe one of the noblest things we parents can do for this planet is to raise children who feel seen, known, and loved. I want to thank you from my heart for the thought and effort you put into raising the next generation. Think of all our collective young people. Yours, mine, and everyone’s shining their lights, bringing their unique gifts to life on our planet. 

That is a lot of light!

Today as you prepare for your Thanksgiving meal, I hope you will honor the gift that YOU are pouring yourself into the care and nurturing of the young people at your table today. Yes, you’re imperfect. Yes, your kids are, too. We all are. But your efforts to raise your kids well are a gift to all of us. Caring, connected people are the heart of caring, connected communities.

I see you. 

You are focused on unlocking your children’s potential. You are seeking out healthy parenting strategies. You are doing what you can to keep yourself in some balance. You bust your tail to support your kids in all the ways they need support. You work long days; you show up, you keep going. Your service to your children is a gift to us all.

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