I almost always do a lousy job of giving choices when I’m tired, frustrated, and trying to think of them on the spot. Are you like me?

I’ve seen how much smoother life becomes when I give appropriate choices…but for some reason I get out of the habit.

Someone gave me a gift! She walked up to me at one of my seminars and shared this little nugget of wisdom:

I make giving choices into a game for myself. It’s fun when I plan ahead. First, I think, “What things will my kids try to fight me on tomorrow?” Then I look at my list. You see, I keep a list of Love and Logic choices folded up under my alarm clock. I just pick a couple. Then I imagine how much nicer my kids will act when I give these choices the next day.

It’s true! Any technique is more fun and effective when we plan ahead and look forward to our kids acting up…so that we can use it.

Dr. Charles Fay
©2009 Jim Fay, Charles Fay, Ph.d.& Love and Logic® Institute