One mom was at the park with her 2.5 year-old son named Foster.  He was heading down to the lake to play and Mom said, “Come and eat lunch or we’ll have to go home.”

Young happy cheerful mother with little son on a white background

He ignored Mom and walked towards the water. So Mom said, “So sad, looks like we have to go home now,” and picked him up and carried him home kicking and screaming.  On the way home, Mom started to get frustrated but remembered to go “brain dead” and started empathetically saying, “I know, I know.”

Pretty soon little Foster, still crying, laid his head on Mom’s shoulder.  Mom thought she would try another Love and Logic® one-liner so she started saying “I love you too much to argue.”  After a few more attempts at arguing, Foster quietly said, “Mommy, I love you.  Mommy told Foster not to go to the lake so we’re going home.”    When they got home, Foster was calm and mother and son went on with the rest of their day.

That day’s walk in the park may have been cut short, but chances are really good that the next 50 times that mom says, “Come and eat lunch or we’ll have to go home,” Foster will listen and they will have a great day.