In case you thought I had this all figured out! 😂

Raising a child all the way to adulthood sure can come with unexpected twists and turns. Having been through some rough patches in raising my own kids, I’ve developed a parenting practice that I call “arms wide open” when it comes to parenting teens. During adolescence, it is a teen’s developmental task to become their own […]

Dare to be Daring

“Every time I’ve stepped out of my self-imposed box, I’ve felt more alive, like I’m living the life I’m meant to live.” I’ve been a “good girl” and responsible mother. I’ve lived plenty of my life following the rules. But when I look back over my years, the parts that make me smile the most are […]

Living Imperfectly With Great Delight

Being a therapist is so intimate. In session, some people are more honest and open with me than they are with pretty much anyone else in their lives. I get to hear the sound of their internal dialogue. You know, the inner voices that we all have which are constantly chattering away inside our head. […]