How early in a child’s life can we start using Love and Logic?

As soon as they can spit their pureed food, crawl away from you when you are changing their diaper, etc. Fortunately, the basic process is very simple:

Step One: Hope For Misbehavior

Mistakes made early in life have far more affordable consequences than those made later.

Step Two: Sing an Empathetic “Uh Oh”

The fewer words we use when our kids are acting up, the more successful we will be.

Step Three: Provide a Loving Consequence

There exist only three basic consequences for small children:

•   Change your location by walking away and paying no attention to them
•   Change the location of the problem object by taking it away
•   Change the child’s location by carrying them to their room, buckling them into their stroller, etc

Step four: Repeat as Needed

When parents repeat this basic process with great consistency, they find that they only get to the second step most of the time. Quite quickly, their tots learn that “Uh Oh” means that it’s wise to start acting sweet!

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